A Non-Traditional Path to User Experience

I am currently a first-year MSI student at the University of Michigan studying user experience research and design, but all my life, I have had a deep curiosity and empathy for the way other people experience the world. Channeling this affinity has led me to a career as a novelist, a teacher, and now, a UX researcher and designer. While my path seems to be full of zig zags, in fact, the guiding light has been a desire to step into someone else's shoes and create an experience that makes them feel cared for. I invite you to take a look at my portfolio and see how my non-traditional background has made me uniquely adept at bridging the gap between user and designer.



Usability Testing for City of Detroit's Vendor Spending Mobile App: Open Checkbook.

UX Researcher

Events Calendar and Punch Card Mobile App for Literati Bookstore — IN PROCESS

UX Researcher & Designer


Customer Satisfaction Survey for Cinemark 20+ IMAX Movie Theatre —COMING SOON

UX Researcher


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